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Sony’s Speaker Looks Like HomePod, Works Like Google Home

The terribly-named LF-S50G combines a banging speaker with the power of Google Assistant.

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Google and Microsoft Can Use AI to Extract Many More Ad Dollar from Our Clicks

Advances in artificial intelligence can help Google, Microsoft, and other tech giants grow their online advertising revenues

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Apple’s Next iPhone Comes September 12 on Apple’s New Campus

Three phones, one watch, and a whole lotta Tim Cook.

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Apple’s Real Reason for Finally Joining the Net Neutrality Fight

Why a strong and open internet became “a top thing” for Tim Cook and co.

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An Alexa and Cortana Team-Up Won’t Get Far Without a Phone

Alexa and Cortana can do more together than they can on their own, but Cortalexa has some real limitations.

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New Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Knows Many Tricks—He’ll Need Them All

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will take over the scandal-plagued ride-hailing company, the world’s most valuable startup

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For Broadband Connections, How Fast is Fast Enough?

FCC considers changing definition of ‘broadband,’ in move that could hit rural areas.

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Nest Thermostat E: Just Like the Original, Only Cheaper

The $169 Thermostat E brings all of Nest’s best features into a simpler, cheaper device.

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Making a Tropical Storm Harvey Donation? Go With Cash

As Houston donations rush in, consider not just what to give, but when it can get there.

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Do We Need a Speedometer for artificial intelligence?

Measuring how quickly machines are getting smarter could help us prepare for the consequences for society and the economy.

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