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This Is The Best Kindle You Can Buy In 2017

Choosing an Amazon Kindle can be hard. Let us help you!

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Review: Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Headphones as comfortable as a vintage lounge chair.

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YouTube’s Redesign Makes It Easier to Watch All the Videos

Even vertical video!

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Harvey Shows Progress on Emergency Communications Since Katrina

As Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Southeast Texas, crucial cellular networks remain largely stable, reflecting progress since Katrina.

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Google Joins the Augmented Reality Party with ARCore

Along with the developer toolkit, Google’s launching an experimental browser to let anyone make AR-capable websites.

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New Uber CEO Khosrowshahi Knows Many Tricks—He’ll Need Them All

Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will take over the scandal-plagued ride-hailing company, the world’s most valuable startup

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Temi, a Tablet on Wheels, Can Be Your New Robot Roommate

This isn’t an artificial best friend or a robo-sidekick; instead, Temi was designed to be a video chat and music machine.

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Fitbit’s First Real Smartwatch Puts Fitness First

The Ionic can track your heart rate, play music, make mobile payments, and display push notifications. Just don’t call it a wrist computer.

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iPhone Home Studio: All the Gear You Need to Record a Hit Song

Cut your next hit song anywhere with gear that turns your phone into a recording studio.

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What I Learned at Gerrymandering Summer Camp

Why math may—or may not—save US elections.

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