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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Federal Reserve Overlooks Technology’s Role in Limiting Inflation

Janet Yellen takes a 20th-century approach to managing a 21st-century economy.

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Hit the Trails With These Great Hiking Shoes

Eight great choices for your next weekend camping trip.

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Intel’s New Chip Design Takes Pointers From Your Brain

Silicon neurons might make machines like cars and robots smarter and more independent.

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Review: Nintendo SNES Classic Edition

The latest tiny Nintendo console is the best kind of throwback.

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Struggling With Ikea Furniture? TaskRabbit Can Help With That

Ikea teams up with the gig economy’s TaskRabbit, the latest in a series of such partnerships.

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To Compete With New Rivals, Chipmaker Nvidia Shares Its Secrets

Nvidia, beneficiary of the AI boom, is open-sourcing new chip design to fend off new competitors.

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Gadget Lab Podcast: It’s Possible Amazon Now Makes Too Many Echo Speakers

This week on the Gadget Lab podcast, Alexa gets hardware and software updates, and Twitter goes long.

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iOS 11 Is Killing 32-Bit Apps. But This Is Good News

Apple’s leaving 32-bit apps behind with its iOS 11 update, but saying goodbye to 32-bit apps does more good than harm

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Review: Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

A new camera from Polaroid that’s expensive to shoot.

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Myanmar’s Internet Disrupted Society—and Fueled Extremists

The Southeast Asian nation adopted the internet faster than any other country. Ever. Here’s what that feels like and what it has unleashed.

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