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How to Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11

It takes more than just toggling the little buttons in the Control Center.

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Facebook Built Its Vision of Democracy on Bad Math

Mark Zuckerberg argues that more information reaching more people enhances democracy. But, as the adage goes, quantity does not equal quality.

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Why Do Startups Fail? Because Hardware is Hard

Crowdfunding for hardware startups may not reflect consumer demand.

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Google’s Search Changes Won’t Really Level Playing Field

In response to EU ruling, Google will allow rivals to bid on coveted spot near top of page.

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See the World Through the Eyes of Your Phone

A new art exhibition takes the data from your phone and translates it into dynamic visualizations.

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GoPro Hero 6 Black Specs, Price, and Release Date

The new Hero 6 Black comes with improved image stabilization and captures 4K footage at 60 frames per second.

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Amazon Introduces a Prettier, Bassier Echo

And it’s only $99.

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Facebook’s Crackdown Ahead of German Election Shows It’s Learning

Facebook deleted tens of thousands of fake accounts and highlighted contrasting views ahead of German election, in bid to combat fake news.

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Amazon’s New Fire TV Gives Alexa One More Place to Live

You can change channels on this television with your voice, like the remote control of the future.

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Facebook, Trump, and Russia: What We Know—and Don’t Know

A comprehensive guide to the speculation about how Russians used Facebook, and other tech platforms, to help elect a president.

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