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Monthly Archives: October 2017

December Dripper Review: Refine Your Pour-Over Coffee Method

If you want total control over your morning coffee, the December Dripper is a great tool to take on the quest for perfection.

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Power Through Your Scary Movie Backlog With These Three Weekend Deals

We’ve got a deal on a Samsung 4K TV, and two awesome mobile accessories for you this weekend.

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Solve These Tough Data Problems and Watch Job Offers Roll In

Google-owned Kaggle hosts competitions for tough data-analysis problems. Highly ranked solvers are flooded with job offers.

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Technology Infrastructure Can Help Even the Poorest Nations Prosper

Opinion: Bjorn Lomborg argues that countries should deploy technology to reduce poverty.

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Gadget Lab Podcast: Can a Chromebook Be Your Only Computer?

This week, the hosts discuss Chromebooks, the Pixelbook, iPads, and (ugh) regular laptops.

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Twitter Bars Ads From Russian Outlets Ahead of Congressional Hearings

Twitter will bar ads from Russia Today and Sputnik, ahead of congressional hearings into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

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Meet DxOMark, the Kingmaker of Smartphone Cameras

Now that your camera is the most important thing in your phone, camera-rating company DxOMark decides which one is best.

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Review: Velomacchi 28L Roll-Top Backpack

Finally, a backpack designed to withstand the rigors of café racing.

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Super Mario Odyssey: Here’s How to Get it (And Find a Switch)

It’s still hard to buy a Nintendo Switch, but we’ve done the work so you can get your Super Mario Odyssey on!

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Supreme Court’s Cell Phone Tracking Case Could Hurt Privacy

Opinion: A case before the US Supreme Court this term could have profound implications for government search warrants.

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