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Gboard Is the Best Keyboard For Most Smartphones

If your smartphone didn’t come preloaded with Gboard, you’re missing out. Time for an upgrade.

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Don’t Make Artificial Intelligence Artificially Stupid in the Name of Transparency

Opinion: A democracy shouldn’t leave it to companies to figure out the ethics of artificial intelligence.

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2018 Ski Gear for Sunny Days: Trew, Faction, Smith, Tecnica

There’s nothing like skiing under blue skies. Don’t ruin it by dressing for a blizzard.

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Ski Gear for Bad Weather: Columbia, Line, POC, Dakine

Some days are crushingly cold and sloppy. Bring the right equipment and you won’t suffer.

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At Davos, Uber, Google, and Salesforce Are Just Waiting for the Backlash

Silicon Valley’s elite have the public’s trust for now, but they know it won’t last. At the World Economic Forum at Davos they chart a path forward.

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The Dangers of Keeping Women Out of Tech

The number of women in computer science has steadily decreased since the 80s. The industry needs to change—and it could take a lesson from Maria Klawe.

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How to Optimize Your Home for Robot Servants

If you want robots at your beck and call someday, start thinking about robo-fitting your digs now.

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The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google

Advocates of greater diversity at Google say they are being harassed and targeted on right-wing websites.

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The Cars We’ll Be Driving (and Not Driving) in 2018

We discuss the latest in autonomous car tech, electric driving, and why China is the future of the auto industry.

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How to Pre-Order The Nintendo Labo Kits

Our guide to what’s in the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Robot Kit for Switch, and how to pre-order.

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