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Artificial Intelligence Can Help Stroke Victims When ‘Time Is Brain’

The FDA is approving artificial-intelligence software to help diagnose diseases and help treat patients.

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What Facebook Isn’t Saying About Trump and Clinton’s Campaign Ads

After an uproar over how much Trump and Clinton paid for Facebook ads during the 2016 presidential campaign, the social network has shared some—but not all—numbers.

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Brad Parscale Will Be Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager

In announcing his 2020 reelection campaign, Donald Trump has tapped Brad Parscale, architect of his previous campaign’s digital efforts, to lead the way.

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Tinder Wants to Make Emoji for Interracial Couples

Great idea! But it’s a lot harder than it looks.

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Senate Democrats Have a Plan To Save Net Neutrality

Opinion: Senator Chuck Schumer explains how Congress can stop the FCC’s dangerous and restrictive net neutrality reversal.

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The Measuring the Economic Impact of Broadband Act Wants to Prove the Benefit of Broadband For All

A new bipartisan bill calls on the Department of Congress to study the effect of connectivity on communities.

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Feedless Takes the News Feed Out of Social Media

Reclaim your time on social media with this new app, which blocks the feed from platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Best Xbox One Bundle Deals (2018)

Microsoft’s two gaming systems are now available with perks and extras!

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4 Best Cheap iPhones and Android Smartphones Under $500

The absolute best Android and iOS phones you can buy for $500 or less.

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Peter Thiel Is a Flawed Messenger With a Crucial Message for Tech

The billionaire investor says Silicon Valley is unprepared for a coming wave of regulation.

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