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Work From Home Tips: Videoconferencing, Standing Desk

Whether you’re Zooming it in or not sitting down on the job, here’s how to do it right.

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This Computer Uses Light—Not Electricity—To Train AI Algorithms

Startup Fathom Computing thinks optical computing can extend the gains of Moore’s Law and light the way to the future of artificial intelligence.

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Facebook Executive Rob Goldman Apologizes After Russia Tweets

When Facebook ad executive Rob Goldman sounded off about Russia’s use of the platform, he went against the company line—and Robert Mueller’s indictment.

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Mechanical Keyboards: Aukey, Logitech Orion, Das Keyboard

Serious typists deserve a responsive keyboard. Here are three steps to tactile heaven.

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Gear for Remote Workers: Pixelbook, Chrome Vega, Hydro Flask

When you’ve had more than enough of your coworkers, grab this gear and escape to a café.

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Olympics 2018: Commentators Should Cut the Chit-Chat and Just Explain the Sport

Here’s an idea: Maybe just tell me what makes the Olympics a superhuman challenge.

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What Trump Still Gets Wrong About How Russia Played Facebook

The president’s quote tweet of Facebook executive Rob Goldman misses how the Russians really influenced the election online.

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The Etch Clock Makes the Time Appear Out of Nowhere

The timepiece displays the time by pulling its thermoelastic membrane into the cavities beneath the clock’s face.

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Copycat: How Facebook Tried to Squash Snapchat

In an excerpt from a new book on Snapchat, Billy Gallagher explains how Facebook fought back against a tiny rival’s challenge.

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How Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Play

Legacy toymakers like Disney, Lego, and Hasbro are all banking on AR to keep their toys relevant in 2018.

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