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For News Publishers, Facebook Is a Less Reliable Friend

As Facebook’s share of traffic to news sites has been falling sharply since early last year—and will only decline more—Google AMP has been on the rise.

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Maybe Election Poll Predictions Aren’t Broken After All

An analysis of polls from 32 countries since 1942 finds that they are no more—or less—accurate at predicting election winners than they used to be.

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Russia Didn’t Abuse Facebook — It Simply Used It As Intended

Opinion: When ISIS uses Twitter to recruit or a landlord uses Airbnb to discriminate, that’s not exploiting the platforms’ glitches—that’s using their features.

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The Key to the Perfect March Madness Bracket: Evolution

To generate entire brackets is to tangle not just with the randomness of the game itself, but with the randomness of your betting pool.

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These Women Could Lose Their Right to Work in the US

The Obama administration allowed the spouses of foreign H-1B visa holders to work. The Trump administration wants to reverse that.

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AI Has a Hallucination Problem That’s Proving Tough to Fix

Machine learning systems, like those used in self-driving cars, can be tricked into seeing objects that don’t exist. Defenses proposed by Google, Amazon, and others are vulnerable too.

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Apple’s Swift Programming Language Is Now Top Tier

A new report ranking developers’ favorite languages shows big gains for Apple’s Swift and Google-endorsed Kotlin.

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The High Cost of Lab-to-Table Meat

The results—and taste tests—have been promising. Now these ultramodern farmers need their science to scale.

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Publishers Could Get a New Weapon Against Facebook and Google

Proposal would grant publishers an antitrust exemption to seek concessions from tech giants, who dominate online advertising.

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At This Crypto Event, the Attendees Really Were High

Attendees at Crypto Sanctum in New York last week consumed “infused” food and drink, many without realizing it.

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