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Proxy Checking Tips

It is essential to check proxies constantly to determine their status. Here are few tests that you need to do before buying and while using proxies.

Loading Test: Proxies can have a lag while connecting to the internet. As long as the lag is not too great, it is ok because that is to be expected but you’ll need to know if it is acceptable or not before purchasing the proxy. You can do that with the help of proxy speed test sites and applications. These sites use the proxy to ping a site and measure the time lag. They’ll give out technical details of the test and will also indicate in layman’s terms if the speed is acceptable or not.

Blacklist Test: Proxies get blacklisted after prolonged usage and they will not work after that. Some service providers try to pass on dead proxies along with working ones to bulk buyers. Users will need to ensure that they check each and every proxy before accepting it. The fastest way to do it is by uploading the entire list to a proxy blacklist checking site to identify bad proxies. These sites have up to date lists and are free to use.

Proxy Detection Software Test: This is an advanced test and can cost money. Some sites make use of proxy detecting softwares to block bots and unwanted visitors. If your proxy passes through this filter, it indicates good quality. There are sites that can conduct this test for you and they charge a few cents per test.