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Use proxies to access blocked sites

Internet censorship is a big issue in many places. Most of the censorship is political in nature. There are countries where internet usage and access to websites is heavily restricted and always monitored. The internet service providers in these countries track each user and monitor or restrict their access to sites. It is possible to break these shackles of censorship with the help of proxies. Many people from countries that restrict internet access use private proxies to bypass geo blocking.

Youtube is most popular site with proxy users in these countries. This is followed by social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most of the private proxies in circulation are used for geo bypass, which means that proxies are playing their part in maintaining the world order when it comes to freedom of information and net neutrality. Private proxies are also popular with people who are looking to access sites from a locally restricted network. Institutions like schools and colleges regularly use network restrictions to prevent students from accessing the net. Offices also impose some level of restrictions. People use proxies to bypass these local restrictions because they are cheaper than phone connectivity.

Private proxies are ideal for bypassing restrictions because they provide safe and secure connectivity. They are also a lot faster and will last for a longer time, when compared to shared proxies. There are proxy service providers who maintain separate list of high quality proxies to be rented out to people for the sole purpose of bypassing restrictions. These warmed up proxies work better.